We are a creative agency dedicated to results-driven advertising. The power of 3 is a principle that underpins all

forms of communication: art, music, literature and oratory. The power of 3 defines our focus: strategic rigour, creative craftsmanship and care for your business. 


The 3 partners are Proudly South African and passionate about the country’s future, using their combined 58 years of advertising experience to grow not just brands but the economy within its sector. And a good way to do that is to keep

the  business a South African one - not shipping profits offshore in the guise of licensing fees.

We are a Proudly South African business, owned 100% by the partners with no holdings companies or international affiliations. We are a Level 2 BEE contributor, giving you 125% procurement recognition. 


Transformation is not something we wish to achieve in the distant future. We achieved that when we launched. 

We’re a financially and operationally independent business with over 65% black ownership. Bonus points? Yes.