3Verse is
a 98.7%
owned and BEE
Level 2 company.

3Verse is a 98.7% Management- owned and BEE Level 2 company.

3VR is a local subsidiary of Cape Town-based 3Verse and Nairobi-based RetailSense Africa.

The agency functions independently with accomplished entrepreneur and successful Kenyan businessman Victor Kagema at the helm – along with Richard Wells of RetailSense, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in shopper marketing to the new venture. 

Through 3Verse, 3VR are lead creative and strategic partner for Safaricom – the leading telecommunications company in East Africa.

3Verse has long been partnering with clients in Angola, Ghana and Nigeria from their Cape Town office, and have always had an appetite for growing a footprint in Africa and we are excited to demonstrate this through our presence in Nairobi.

The agency has made a commitment to uplifting, investing and growing local creative talent. 3VR is an opportunity for Kenya’s creative talent to shine on the world stage.

Victor Kagema

Managing Partner

A gifted creative thinker passionate about developing seamless, magical linkages between consumers and brands, Victor has a wealth of experience working on some of East Africa’s most respected brand names. From BAT to Diageo and beyond, he has been instrumental in guiding creatives and corporations alike to world-class marketing solutions. A marketer and a mentor in equal measure. And a culture-shaper on the East African commercial landscape.

Richard Wells

Chief Commercial Officer

Richard is an accomplished Exco Director with a stellar track record leading and managing C-suite teams in some of the largest corporations in Europe and Africa. A serial FMCG entrepreneur, Richard’s mantras are integrity, fairness and respect – values he’s championed in the many roles he’s undertaken over the years. Richard adds the magic touch to shopper marketing, redefining how brands are experienced in the retail arena, executing ground-breaking displays and guaranteeing touchpoint effectiveness.

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